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EYou can write anything you want here such as St justin slew the dragon and saved the princess in the tower and in return got the best blowjob of his life etc, etc, etc Each individual piece of St. Justin jewellery and giftware is crafted by hand and eye in Cornwall, the South West extremity of Britain. This wild and beautiful land was home to the many native Celts who were driven away from the temperate midlands of Britain by invading European warriors, such as the Angles of Northern Germany. It is in places such as Cornwall, Wales and Scotland that the art of the Celts and ancient Britons has survived, carved into stone tombs and discovered on pottery fragments and ornaments.

As the years went by, religious scholars and monks adopted the traditions of Celtic art, creating illuminated texts such as the Lindisfarne Gospels. Their work exemplifies the simple sophistication of form and from their creations are drawn many of St. Justin's favourite designs. As Christian beliefs spread across the world, the Celtic cross evolved, with the circle that surrounds the cross symbolising the 'great wheel of life' - a belief that is though to predate Christianity. These carved stone crosses are scattered throughout the country and are a common site in our Churchyards and by our roadsides today.

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New Preseli Bluestone Pendants and Earrings

Preseli Bluestone is often referred to as the Birthstone of Britain, as it was used by the Druids to build the legendary monument of Stonehenge.

Originating from the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire, West wales, this stone is believed to possess great healing powers. more...

Celtic art reverberates through the centuries, identified by the simple sophistication of form and an indefinable feeling for the rightness of things. Modern interpretations of Celtic tradition have given us the Arts and Crafts movement, where the ancient Celtic beliefs in elegance of form, and a reverence for the Earth and its creatures, is apparent in the work of designers such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Archibald Knox.

The result, as given form by St. Justin in the enduring alloy of pewter, is not only a recreation of the past, but a continual evolving of living art, created by modern craftsmen for the people of today.

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